Confetti Machine Announces Friday 6.2.17 Line-up

By May 3, 2017news

Outpost Artists Resources is pleased to announce full line-up for the launch of Confetti Machine, a video performance festival occurring June 2-4 in Ridgewood, Queens.

Curated by Eric Barry Drasin, Confetti Machine is a celebration of interactive and immersive media and its community of practitioners.

Over the course of three days, Confetti Machine will feature 20+ performances and installations by the most exciting experimental sound and video artists in NYC.

The recently announced lineup for Friday, 6.2.17 will feature an immersive installation of Bulgarian vocal music and video, generative string ensemble, audiovisual saxophone solos and a group therapy session for laptops.  


Bulgarian Vocal Trio and Ursula Scherrer:  Led by Vlada Tomova, the Bulgarian Voices trio will transform the space with the immersive sound of Bulgarian women’s choir music. Teaming up with renowned media artist Ursula Scherrer, projections will be spread around the room creating a powerful synergy of light and sound.

Joseph Branciforte Ensemble: Critically acclaimed composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Branciforte leads a full string quartet playing music notation that is being generated live using custom software. The piece is a constantly evolving masterpiece of algorithm and modern harmony.  

Diggers – Group Process III: Diggers, a project of Eric Barry Drasin, premieres a new audiovisual score for three networked laptops. The performers embody a digital feedback loop of light and sound and attempt to relate to one another and find balance in an expanded field of perception.

Diamond Terrifier with projections by Trouble:  Composer, Musician, and Brooklyn Impresario Sam Hilmer collaborates with Laura Paris (Trouble) to create an audiovisual mindmelt for saxophone and live projections.

Additionally joining the festival on 6.3 and 6.4:

Rob Ramirez, Merche Blasco, Karl Scholz, Long Distance Poison, Dylan Marcheschi, Andrew Neumann, 99 Hooker, Dave Koenig.

Eric Barry Drasin on Realtime Media:

“Realtime Media speaks to the instantaneous transformation of perception, and our power to make the hidden suddenly visible. Using custom tools, we manipulate the signals, data, and contextual meanings that define the networks of our society, sculpting a new method to hear and see. These exercises sharpen our critical faculties, illuminating the pervasive spectacle that subjugates our narrative to the benefit of those in power.”


Ursula Scherrer



Joseph Branciforte Ensemble

Diamond Terrifier

Confetti Machine Flyer

This presentation is made possible in part with public funds from mediaThe foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts’ 2017 Electronic Media and Film Presentation Funds Grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes, and Better, a crowdfunding tool for art, culture and activism.