Fan Letters, the joint venture of musician Dylan Neely and multimedia artist Alex Nathanson, combine sound, video, and handmade electronic instruments into collaborative real-time audiovisual performances. After playing throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe they will now be at Confetti Machine, performing on Sunday June, 4th, as part of the third day of the festival, titled “Together Together.”  

Fan Letters will present three pieces that explore the technology and aesthetics of surveillance, including the premiere of a brand new work titled “Sniffing You,” a set that will incorporate surveillance cameras, facial recognition technology, and wire sniffers. “Sniffing You” uses data collected from public wifi networks to help manipulate the emotional impact of the performance.

In addition to “Sniffing You,” Fan Letters will perform “First Time Caller, Long Time Listener” (2016) and “Wait Are You Still Human?” (2015).  “First Time Caller, Long Time Listener” explores the relationship between destruction and community by using footage from the surveillance camera capturing an act of violence as its starting point. The piece features the interaction of video and synthesized sound. “Wait, Are You Still Human?” plays with ideas of facial recognition, celebrity, and audience participation.

Fan Letters is also working on the development of a post-apocalyptic opera called “Autocomplete” they intend to debut in 2018.