Confetti Machine 2018 Lineup Announced!

By April 30, 2018news

Date: April 30, 2018 Contact: Mia Wendel-DiLallo

For Immediate Release      Managing Director

Confetti Machine:

Three Day Festival of Multimedia Performance at Outpost Artists Resources


(Queens, NY) – Outpost Artists Resources is pleased to announce Confetti Machine, a performative multimedia festival occurring June 1-3 in Ridgewood, Queens.

Curated by Eric Barry Drasin, Confetti Machine showcases the diversity and breadth of emerging media performance in New York City and beyond, and will feature three nights of performances by electronic media artists using modalities such as video, original software, interfaces, and novel uses of hardware and sound.

Artists will cross boundaries between digital and physical space, embodiment and disembodiment, and probe the relationship between the individual and the network. Confetti Machine presents challenging works that broaden the definition of exhibition and performance, informing our relationship to new technologies, as well as the history of media as an artform.


Confirmed artists include:

Jen Kutler + Rebecca Ruth Borrer, Comp USA, Rebecca Uliasz, BKLYN! ZULU, Matthew Gantt, Maciej Lewandowski, David First, HIVE MIND (LoVID and Produce Consume Robot), Ariadne, Eric Souther, Tom Hall, Sofy Yuditskaya + Jess Rowland + Meg Schedel, Diggers w/ Cameron Wisch.

This presentation is made possible in part with public funds from the Department of Cultural Affairs and mediaThe foundation inc.

Images Courtesy of Presenting Artists:  



Rebecca Uliasz

Sofy Yuditskaya


LoVID and Produce Consume Bot


Confetti Machine Flyer