Confetti Machine is a celebration of Realtime media performance and its community of practitioners June 1-3 at Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, Queens.

For the 2018 festival, we are curating works that deal with themes of network, (dis)embodiment and disruption.

How do networks both fortify and disrupt our relationships? Do these networks empower or isolate us? What types of network feedback loops do we find ourselves in, either cognitive, social, environmental, political? What new forms and structures are idiomatic to the digital echo chamber?

We are exhibiting new media performances that cross boundaries between digital and physical space, embodiment and disembodiment, and probe the relationship between the individual and the network.  These works broaden the definition of exhibition and performance, informing our relationship to new technologies, as well as the history of media as an artform.

This presentation is made possible in part with public funds from mediaThe foundation