When: Saturday June 3
Performing Systems

Anastasia Clarke
Openings - Crushed Matrices

OPENINGS – CRUSHED MATRICES: Openings is a performance in light, sound, speech, and movement created collaboratively at Mills College by Anastasia Clarke and Jennifer Gerry. Crushed Matrices are pieces made with crystal singing bowls, and the broken shards of crystal singing bowls. Openings – Crushed Matrices is a solo developed in response to changes in physical reality surrounding the act of performance; in particular, the need to improvise and adapt when a cornerstone goes missing.

Through this work, I commit myself to the transience of people, tools, and ideas.


Anastasia Clarke is a composer and performer who lives variably in Oakland, CA and NYC. She performs solo and in collaborative configurations.

Consistent musical collaborators include Jackson Randall, Chris Penalosa, Sandy Gordon, and Jennifer Gerry. In the theater, she has designed signed or produced live scores for Boom Bat Gesture Performance Group (NY) and Mechanism Dance Theater (CA). Anastasia is currently an MFA candidate in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College.