THIS IS WAR! is centered around gentrification, displacement and it’s disruption of our communities which have served as necessary networks of culture, creativity and livelihood! Popular sound and video clips on the subject of community, neighborhood & gentrification would be looped, stretched, effected and chopped up live to create abstract boom bap compositions serving as audio/visual resistance against a neocolonial force. This is war!

BKLYN!ZULU is an experimental audio/visual performing arts collective based in Brooklyn, NYC. They create time-based art, installations and multi-sensory experiences via free association, improvisation and rhythmic collage methods. By looping, sampling and remixing sound and moving images they craft layered immersive multi-media works that excite and inspire.

Their avant-garde style ranges from gritty, glitchy & hypnotic to beautiful and cinematic; often exploring themes of community, ancestry, displacement & afro futurism. Known for their resourcefulness, BKLYN!ZULU will use any and all available resources for self expression, often incorporating storytelling, poetry, costumes & projection into their live performances.

They’ve performed and exhibited at MoCADA, BAM, Brooklyn Museum and the MoMA in addition to various art spaces and festivals in and around the NYC area.