David First

The Circular Arc Perceptories

Ebow guitar & an audio oscillator are fed to a function generator. The mixed signal is then fed to a video projector via video mixer and broadcast to an open radio channel on a boombox patched into a sound system. An information loop is created as solid vertical bars are modulated through string bending and dial turns, while the resultant sounds are equally considered. Frozen moments occur through lighting on harmonics of 60Hz in what might be called just intonation video.

David First has always been fascinated by opposites and extremes. At 20 he played guitar with renowned avant-jazz pianist Cecil Taylor in a legendary Carnegie Hall concert. Two years later he was creating electronic music as an artist-in-residence at Princeton (released in 2013 on Dais records) and leading a Mummerʼs String Band in Philadelphia parades. He has played in raucous drunken bar bands, semi-legal DIY basements and in pin-drop quiet concert halls with classical ensembles. As a composer First has created everything from finely crafted pop songs to long, severely minimalist microtonal droneworks. His A/V works have been shown at Roulette, Eyebeam, Body Actualized Center, the Schoolhouse, Harvestworks, Outpost, as well as the Sonambiente Exhibition (Berlin), Social Sounds Exhibition (Leeuwarden, NL) and Salisbury University Electronic Gallery. He has been called “a fascinating artist with a singular technique.” in the NYTimes, and “a bizarre cross between Hendrix and La Monte Young.” in the Village Voice. First’s most recent project, Same Animal, Different Cages (Fabrica records), is a series of solo LPs on a variety of instruments, including acoustic guitar, analog synth, the most recent, Civil War Songs for solo harmonica, and sitar (TBR spring 2018).