Dungeon Master

Fear and Trembling: On the Blockchain

Dungeon Master is the world’s most brutal academic speed metal powerpoint band.

Dungeon Master will violently challenge your intellect and viciously problematize your preconceived notions, pushing your thought process into a blood soaked manic frenzy; an onslaught of olde god berserkers asking questions and giving answers.

Flanked by fog machines, with laser pointers and searing powerpoint presentation materials, Dungeon Master will present, “Fear and Trembling: On The Blockchain,” with blistering black metal guitar riffs from Jen Kutler that will make your gym socks stand up and the pot plants you’ve been secretly growing in your bedroom closet bloom into a thousand radiant nugs.

Taking a critical stance on distributed technologies and the promise of cryptocurrencies, Dungeon Master will go over the baseline premises of the blockchain and then deliver a black metal artist talk on a terrifying new blockchain sculpture by NormCorp, entitled: Distributed Autonomous Katamari. Take heed and wear protection.