When: Saturday June 3
Extended Gesture

Dylan A. Marcheschi
Field Studies #12

Dylan A. Marcheschi is a multi-disciplinary artist who has performed and conducted workshops in New York over the past decade exploring minimalist noise and drone music, historical tuning systems, and psychoacoustics. He studied history and art at Columbia University where he spent time working and studying at the famed Computer Music Center. He’s active in a variety of fields from past work on musical arrangements for New York’s Public Theater to most recently serving as director on an award-winning PBS documentary series. He curates the Monthly Modular Series, a long-running audio/visual showcase in Brooklyn which began as a night of exploration in analog synthesis but has grown to include all manner of improvised music and attracted internationally acclaimed artists. As a co-founder of Eastern Tapes he’s worked to release recordings from like-minded sound artists in the New York area over the past several years.

Coupling hybrid analog/digital image processing with an extensive background in analog synthesis and sound design Marcheschi’s work explores resonant objects which stress the subtlety and overtones of a sound, often in a minimalist setting, where the tension of a piece may be rooted not in melody or rhythm but in the complex harmonics of a changing timbre, accompanied by generative video which reflects the frequency of the audio indexed to color fields by an order of magnitude (2.02500 × 10^13).