HIVE MIND (LoVid and Produce Consume Robot)


HIVE MIND is a peek into the future of augmented cooperative cognition. Pulses of light and sound, synchronized to the brain rhythms of two performers, create an immersive environment that transports the audience to altered states of consciousness. Based on neuroscientific research showing that rhythmic stimuli can entrain neuronal oscillations to alter perception, memory formation, and mood, HIVE MIND uses the performers’ live EEG and data processing to directly convey the performers’ brain states. As one performer’s brainwaves become the stimuli that entrains the other performer’s brain patterns, a public brainwave-driven conversation unfolds between the performers. Together the performers and audience go on a journey through different induced brain states and altered perceptions, ultimately considering broad implications for the future of human cognition and communication.

HIVE MIND is a collaboration between LoVid and Produce Consume Robot. LoVid’s interdisciplinary works explore the often invisible or intangible aspects of contemporary society, including communication systems and biological signals. LoVid is particularly interested in how technology seeps into the evolution of human culture. Incorporating performances, handmade technologies, and experimental video, LoVid incorporates handmade engineering, science, and traditional art or craft forms, juxtaposing media with physical objects, geographic spaces, and human touch. Using a DIY philosophy and aesthetic to reflect on the role of handmade production and physical gestures of art-making in a time increasingly dominated by machines and virtual experiences, LoVid’s diverse practice invokes processes and ideas from art, science, and technology to question perceptions of time, place, and the self in the networked era.

Produce Consume Robot is Sean Montgomery, a new-media artist, professor and technologist. Using research methodologies and emerging technologies, Sean takes a trans-disciplinary look at the human condition to examine the changing relationship between the physical and metaphysical world. From developing wearable bio-sensors and algorithms deriving meaning from sensor data, to creating interactive new-media art installations, Sean’s work focuses on how technology enhances our understanding of ourselves and creates new ways for people to interact.