When: Saturday June 3
Performing Systems

Jen Kutler
Generating Values

Generating Values is a piece about discrepant experiences of the same surroundings and its relationship to social conduct. Two participants are presented with the same video content simultaneously which includes simple lines, technical specifications, images related to race and gender, geometric patterns, and other visual stimulation. Using hacked EEG sensors, the electrical patterns in the participants brains are measured and translated to MIDI signals. Different types of activity and mental states dictate the values that are produced. The values are then interpreted to generate two channels of audio and manipulate the original video signal. Over the course of the piece, the data stream is smoothed and becomes a standard, alluding to the ethical standards we develop as the interpretation of our surroundings molds our principles.


Jen Kutler is a sound based performer, maker and artist. She modifies found objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender and intimacy to create atypical instruments for her performances.