When: Saturday June 3
Performing Systems

Joshua Goldberg
The Depth Control Problem, or Let The Dog Drive

w/ Matt Gantt

The Depth Control Problem, or Let The Dog Drive represents an exploration of the flatness of surface and depth of space in electronic performance. Drawing from gigabytes of quotidian media sources, these materials are re-presented in in a variety of permutations intended the highlight the mediation of the screen inherent in their nature as well as to place them as ephemeral, electronic objects in physical space.
Additionally, the performance systems used to present these sources reflect the problematized nature of ‘performing’ with media. The presenter(s) on stage work as selector, mediator and real-time producer of materials, though as a disembodied presence distinct from the metaphor of instrumental recital. Control parameters are passed between the audio and video systems, adding the uncertainty of direction to the fluid performance space.


Joshua Goldberg is a maker and manager of innovative site-specific experiences, with fifteen years of history as a developer, installer and overseer of interactive and creative display projects for brands, museums, artists and everyone in between.

A creative developer since 2000, he has built custom projection, interactivity and LED solutions in four continents, for scores of happy clients. In the last twenty years, he has, in no particular order and among many other activities: programmed and designed a workflow for archiving medical conferences on cross-platform CD-ROMs, directed and produced a one-act showcase in New York, taught hundreds of people how to program in and use Max/MSP/Jitter, project-managed and LED-sequenced the most beribboned project in Maker Faire history, programmed and installed museum interactives in states across the country, put all registration and administrative forms for a graduate school’s office online, built linux servers for he and his kids to play Minecraft, run a large Burning Man camp, designed and implemented a pyro cannon step sequencer, and performed live visuals on personal bespoke software for some of the biggest-name DJs in the world.