When: Saturday June 3
Performing Systems

Rob Ramirez
The Conversation

The Conversation is a continuation of my work Reflection, an immersive audio and video installation where audience members entered a room and engaged one on one with a virtual character reflected in a mirror.

This time, the character is ripped from the safety of it’s womb / room and flung onto the performance stage, exposed to the entire audience. An attempt will be made to initiate conversation.


Rob Ramirez is a performance artist, DJ, and computer programmer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has performed and exhibited works at SAT (MontrĂ©al), MANCC (Tallahassee), EMPAC (Troy), Borusan (Istanbul), and the festivals Novelum (Toulouse), Fusebox (Austin), Push (Vancouver), and COIL (NYC). Rob has collaborated with several multi-disciplinary artists, including Phil Soltanoff, Joe Diebes, Kurt Hentschlager, Koosil-Ja, David Watson, David Commander and is a member of the NYC based performance group Immediate Medium. He holds an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from Brooklyn Polytechnic University, and is a developer on Cycling ’74’s Max media software. Rob was born in Asheville, NC.