Tom Hall

a live a/v performance by Tom Hall, an Australian artist based in Los Angeles.

The development of this live work responds to emerging digital cultures and experiments, utilizing mathematical discoveries dating back to 1200. Through continued research into century old arithmetics, and in particular Fibonacci numbers discovered by Liber Abaci, applying these formulas to generate and create vast environmental based music & visuals without being ambient, favoring circularity to linear development.

The outcome is a dense textural a/v performance that is comforting, immersive and at times challenging. Hall wishes to push the envelope of ‘what is electronic music and live visual’ transcending established genres and equipment, aiming to create a unified synesthesia experience.

Tom Hall is an audio/visual artist residing in Los Angeles, California. His practice involves ongoing exploration into place, space and time. Drawing inspiration from countless peripheral spaces found in the everyday, he focuses on using multiple approaches to engage and recontextualize them to the public. Using sound as a means to translate emotion, create hybrid environments and notions of journey. Rather ethereal and texture-based, his music is structured around melodic lines, seemingly floating upon drone-like clouds.