When: Sunday June 4
Improvised Electronics Round Robin

Valeria Haedo
Performing colors and light with crystals

I am an architect-builder of infinite spaces. I investigate light and its divergent tones reflected trough different states of matter. Fully Interested in the mathematical proportions that appear in nature.


Geometry, colors and vibrations of light are the roots of my discipline. I develop worlds of fantasy and Edenic landscapes by recycling materials. With my work, I try to generate an atmosphere where the beholder can find him/herself in a space that expands their senses. Each show is a ritual where an unconscious connection is established between the spectator and the spectacle.

I started doing art shows in Buenos Aires with my art collective named Salvia Divinorum, we make art installations with UV light and Scene Set Designs for music festivals. I’ve also worked designing and building small scale models for backgrounds for music videos.

In the past 3 years i’ve been exploring the mathematical proportions that appear in nature, such as the Sacred Geometry, Platonic and Archimedean Solids. So I started building these shapes with iridescent and beveled glass to make a visual holographic effect.

Through all my artistic career I’ve been fully focused in the way light reflects colors through different materials, textures, angles and surfaces.

I recently moved back to the U.S. and have been performing at live music events at Park Church co-op and San Damiano and exhibits at Flux Factory’s Gallery and Gallery Petite in Bushwick.