When: Sunday June 4
Improvised Electronics Round Robin

Wireless Video Jamming

A fixture of the Brooklyn dance music scene, Videopunks is the live analog video manipulation project of Mike Mazzotta. A former touring member of Australian Industrial Cyberpunk outfit Angelspit, he’s video-jammed live for artists like Merzbow (as part of the Redbull Music Academy), Angelspit, Pharmakon, Pictureplane, Machinegirl, No Eyes, and many more.

When he’s not performing live, he splits his time directing music videos and running a VHS label. He’s directed music videos for artists like Caustic, Angelspit, Darren Keen, Dreamcrusher, and We Are Temporary.

The Videopunks live rig features custom built analog video distortion units by B*P*M*C, video synths by Critter & Guitari, a used video mixer from an Evangelical church, and other busted electronics, played / triggered / effected live.

He likes old, used VHS tapes of weird porn, static-filled late-night Public Access broadcasts, and Nine Inch Nails’ The Broken Movie.