Friday, 6.2.17

Oceanic Motion

Oceanic Motion is an evening of immersive, intermedia ensembles. Featuring collaborations between immersive projection artists and vocal choirs, scores for networked computers and string ensembles, audiovisual group therapy sessions and more.

Bulgarian Voices Trio and Ursula Scherrer
Joseph Branciforte’s Generative String Ensemble
Diggers – Group Process III
Diamond Terrifier (Solo) Projections By Trouble

Saturday, 6.3.17

Extended Gesture

Performing Systems

Performing Systems features a series of single channel audiovisual performances.

Performing Systems investigates contemporary practices in New Cinema and Realtime Video Performance. It features work that falls at the intersection of technical systems, performance, score and improvisation.

Anastasia Clarke
David Linton
Naval Cassidy
Jonas Bers
Tara and David Gladden
Ashcan Orchestra
Mark Fingerhut
Jen Kutler
Rob Ramirez
Matt Romein
Dylan A. Marcheschi
Long Distance Poison

Sunday, 6.4.17

Together Together

Improvised Electronics Round Robin

The Improvised Electronics Round Robin serves as a platform for tool builders, artists and engineers to experiment in a performance based environment. Artists are to set up in a circle to play short interlocking sets in a clockwise fashion.

Valeria Haedo
Ulysses Popple
Brian McCorkle
Reid Bingham
Katherine Liberovskaya
Video Punks
Viola Yip
Dave Koenig
Merche Blasco
Karl Scholz
Andrew Neumann
99 Hooker


Performing Systems

Pete Shapiro + David First
Camilla Padgitt Coles
Benton C Bainbridge
Joshua Goldberg + Matthew Gantt

Fan Letters

Fan Letters presents Surveillance Work